• Lesly Sobel

The Arduous Search for the Best Ingredients

“That’s not quite right, it tastes different than it does in my country,” I found myself saying often as I would try out different Bolivian recipes. 

 I never before realized how having the exact ingredients and spices could make such a difference.

The search for the best ingredients was arduous. I went to so many different Latino grocery stores and markets in Atlanta. I honestly may have visited them all. I would come home frustrated and considered settling for the flavors that I was able to create with what I had. But it didn’t feel authentic, it didn’t feel Bolivia, it didn’t feel me. So I kept searching, and searching, and searching.

While I never found any “made in Bolivia” ingredients, I did eventually find the same ingredients under different brand names. I was so happy. In fact, I was beyond happy, I was elated! I felt like “una ganadora,” I felt like I had won big!

With these ingredients I found, I bake a few different types of Bolivian pastries. I want to keep exploring and keep offering more treats to pleasantly surprise people’s palates.

 It’s my promise to you that I will continue to search for the best quality ingredients to help you experience the delicious flavors of my country Bolivia, my city Sucre, and my family’s rich traditions!

Con amor (with love),



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