Lesly Sobel  grew up in Sucre, Bolivia as she watched her mother, Rosemary Flores,  prepare baked goods and cakes for her booth at the largest outdoor Market in Sucre. As Lesly grew up she observed and learned many of the secrets used in the bakery today. When Lesly was old enough she began assisting her mom in the kitchen whenever she was allowed. As Rosemary's bakery grew Lesly went from assisting in the bakery to running day to day operations in the kitchen while her mom was selling cakes in the market. Lesly's passion for cakes and pastries shines as every treat served are filled with more than just ingredients. They have this passion of family and tradition. In 2016, Lesly moved to Atlanta to marry the love of her life knowing she was going to miss her hometown of Sucre, her family and friends. As weeks went by Lesly increasingly missed her mothers bakery and the smells and tastes of the kitchen. In 2018, Lesly decided to open up a bakery of her own, Sweet Rossy, in Atlanta to  share with the locals the delicious tastes and smells of her mothers Bolivian bakery.

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